Texas Pet Trusts

Over half a million pets are euthanized every year and thousands are euthanized here in El Paso, Texas.  Don’t let this happen to your beloved companion.

Have you considered what will become of your faithful companion and beloved pet when you are gone? You can have a plan that will easily provide for your pet’s food, shelter, and care.  Truly, there is always a plan for God’s creatures that have become man’s companions.

One of the main goals of estate planning is to provide for your loved ones, and for many of us loved ones are our pets. There are numerous ways that you can leave your beloved pet cared for, and loved long after you are gone.

Unlike a will a trust becomes effective immediately upon the terms outlined in your trust which is usually death or disability.  Your trust can also give specific directions about the daily care, medical attention, physical control, and even burial of your pet.

A trust is a legal entity set up to accomplish a particular purpose.  you and your attorney will outline the specifics that detail when and under what circumstances the trust will take effect.  This includes how the trust will be funded, who will be the trustee, successor trustee, beneficiary, and caretaker, and how the trustee or caretaker will manage your pet and the funds for your pet.

You will want your pet to be fed, cared for and to receive medical attention.   You may designate funds for pet insurance, or even to enforce the trust.  In your trust, you can also leave real property for housing your beloved companion.